FRequently asked questions

Q:What are the range on the radios?

A: The range on the radios are approximately 5kms with the standard antennas

Q: What is the wattage of the radios?

A: The FDP radios that we supply are a 5 watt handheld radio.

Q: Will the range on the radios be good enough for use at every race-track in Australia?

A: The radios in standard form are able to be used everywhere on track at any circuit in Australia from the pit area, the only exception being Mount Panorama.

We suggest the usage of our long range antenna kit for all radio Purchases, as this will cater for all tracks, and situations, this kit includes larger antennas for both crew and car radios, extending the range to allow for better coverage at Mount panorama.

Q: Are the helmet kits designed for open face helmets or full face?

A: The helmet kit included in the basic kit we supply is able to be used in both open and full face, however we would recommend in an open face helmet a secure mounting be made within the helmet to alleviate stress on the microphone arm.